Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 10 - Fancy Royalty and Space Folding Sith Faces

Avery and Grand Duke Vekis Meraska hid from Anakin Skywalker as he emerged from the elevator in which ASP19B1ELITE had trapped him in. With the help of the Grand Duke’s cloaking technology and Avery hiding he jedi powers, they managed to avoid detection.

As Anakin moved to leave, a large force of sith, led by a cloaked woman later identified as Dashara Dinniz, told Anakin that his father required his presence. Anakin, already hostile from the prior encounter, choked Dashara to make sure they were going where the cloaked figure claimed. The group folded space and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Thorn, Kressht, and Arani sought help from The Gamlord Society’s cloaked ship. It took time, but eventually one of the most beautiful people the group had ever seen appeared in a hologram before them. After some negotiating and a laying down of arms, Queen Marab Gestahl agreed to help heal the wounded Kressht, using technology no one had ever seen before.

Avery and Vekis found ELITE on the brink of death in the elevator, Anakin having lightninged her greatly when the droid did her best to stop Anakin from his rampage. Avery quickly used Force Trance to try and save the droids life.

Vekis informed everyone over coms of the current threats aboard the Mysterious Ship. Seekers of TRUTH were holed up in the Gigadrive room, a large number of Sith were aboard the Death Star with Emperor Palpatine, and the Buothi hadn’t left their habitat.

Deciding getting Avery and ELITE medical aide was top priority, the group met up with 21BFXGH7MEV on the medical floor. Due to her amazing healing abilities seen only in the days of the great healer Owen, she was able to reattach Avery’s leg. She then replaced Thorn’s eye for a highly upgraded model. Afterwards, she went to work on ELITE, informing everyone it’d be best if she wasn’t disturbed as the droids chances of survival were unknown.

The group headed back to Central Command where they were told of incoming messages. A massive Sith fleet was enroute to The Unnamed Station, which was woefully unprepared for such an assault. Ginexia, the group, and Vekis negotiated about the destination of the ship, and who will take control of it once all was said and done.

After lengthy negotiations, it was agreed that if The Gamlord Society would help in the upcoming battle, they would be allowed to keep the Mysterious Ship for themselves. A course was set for planet Droid, where Ginexia would use the Ancient’s Artifact to save the dying planet and bolster her forces for the upcoming battle against the sith fleet.

A sith folded space into Central Command, leaving behind a grenade which Kressht courageously leapt upon! However, it turned out to be a hologram transmitter. Emperor Palpatine addressed the group, opening negotiations for how they could proceed together in the future. Avery told Kressht to destroy the transmitter, and the Trandoshan did so.

The group prepared for the inevitable battle, Thorn directing people to strategic locations, Arani meditating in the force and seeking help using her inherent Fulminar telepathy abilities.

Anakin, Dishara, and a large group of Sith forces folded space onto the bridge and a battle of lightsabers, blasters, and vibrodaggers began! Outnumbered, the group and their allies managed to fend off most of the attackers, however during the struggle the Ancient artifact Kressht used as a weapon to bash in a sith’s face was lost, Dishara having stolen it by folding space.

Anakin lashed out with devastating power against everyone. Hoping to surprise him, Kressht leapt at Anakin to grapple him to the ground. Unfortunately, Anakin was too fast for the Trandoshan and received a lightsaber through the heart for his efforts.

Avery pulled out her beloved pet murribl and sacrificed its life in order to save the Trandoshan. It’s death healed the hole in Kressht’s chest, bringing him back from the verge of death.

Arani, having spoke to a distant, faded voice during her prior attempts at contact, found the familiar voice of Rancor speaking inside of her mind. Begging for help against the immensely powerful Anakin, Rancor appeared on the bridge, slightly hunched over due to his size, and held Anakin in the air for an easy target.

Before the rampaging fallen Jedi could be killed, his father appeared, holding MEV and ELITE hostages. The group reluctantly allowed Anakin to leave in exchange for their lives. As the sith forces folded space away, ELITE fell to the ground, her fate still unknown…

  • Was MEV able to save ELITE, or did the sith interrupt her during the process?
  • What of B1 who was supposed to be guarding them?
  • How will the heroes deal with the looming threat of the Emperor and Seekers of TRUTH?
  • Will Ginexia and The Gamlord Society keep up their ends of the bargain upon reaching Droid?
  • What will Rancor have to say about all of this?
  • Will Kressht jump on more hologram transmitters to save everyone?




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