Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 2 and 3

Jedi Councils & Demanding Droids

Dash, Avery, Thorn, and Arani competed against one another in a song and dance competition on Drum and Beat’s ship to try and decide what should happen to the presumed Sith and his ship. Dash pulled off a close victory by impressing the two holonet sensations and so it was decided to board the ship and destroy those aboard.

After a scuffle between a presumed Sith named Nacond Cairnu and dark force users, the group emerged triumphant. Inspecting the cargo crate that was stolen from the Action VI Transport, they found a Cyb, a deadly race created by the ancient Dia’Ven. Knowing that such a creature could bring a plague to the galaxy, they decided to leave it alone.

After some debate on what to do, it was decided to send the ship into the nearest star to dispose of the Cyb safely. No answers as to how it got out of its quarantined area were found.

Once it was on its journey, a course was set for The Unnamed Station. The group arrived without incident this time, and found they’d been summoned to the War Room where the Jedi Council and the Alliance of Free Worlds were meeting.

After some brief introductions, and a lot of arguing among Riiga and and the others about how best to proceed with the war against the Sith, a black B1 Battle Droid waltzed into the War Room, completely armed. After some awkward negotiations, it was decided that the party would travel with the droid in search of a mysterious ship where the droids ambassador and leader had disappeared to.

Furthermore, the droid, nicknamed by Thorn as Rust Bucket, said he was in search of artifacts left by the god of droids Ginix in order to save his homeworld Droid. Because of a message from Aza indicating that the group could be trusted, Grand Admiral Rebelrouser gave them his consent, much to the annoyance of Riiga who seems to not trust Aza.

After some wheeling and dealing, the party managed to secure a Ghtroc Industry Class 720 Freighter. The group geared up and got on board, accompanied by Rust Bucket and headed for the last known location of the mysterious ship, which was dangerously close to a void scar left over from the War of the Ancients. Finding wreckage of a droid and one other unknown ship, our group heads closer to the mysterious ship which journey’s ever close to the void…

Will the group be able to find out what’s on board the ship?
Is Rust Bucket really seeking artifacts and his lost leader or does he have another hidden motive?
What artifacts of the ancients are onboard?
What will happen in the war against the Sith?
Will Thorn ever learn to make friends?




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