Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 4

Mystery Ship & Missing Leg

Dash, Avery, Arani, and Thorn sent a communication to the mysterious ship headed for a Void rift. Claining to be scavangers looking for profit, a voice told them they weren’t welcome aboard and they should go away. Ignoring the request, the group found an empty docking bay that was exposed to space and landed.

After Dash got the door open and Avery and Thorn found a Sith insignia on a dead body, they headed in further to explore the ship and find the force artifacts aboard.

The interior of the ship was damaged, though it was unclear what had caused the damage. It could be anything from fire, to hull integrity compromise from a battle, to a giant blast and lightsaber battle. While exploring, they came across a droid that had been transformed and was stuck in the floor, large horns growing out of its frame. The droid wanted to die, and so Rust Bucket obliged and blew it away.

Eventually they came across a giant room holding crates full of dirt, seeds, and manure, along with a massive door. Dash went to work trying to break through the door while Avery set up a barricade, which turned out to be a good idea because just minutes before Dash got the door open, a sith and his forces showed up!

A battle ensued against sith, man, and beast! During the battle Avery was hit by an unknown dark side power, possibly damaging her in more ways than just physical, while Dash lost his leg to the sith’s mount!

With their foes defeated, Thorn tried his hand at medicine and managed to stop Dash from dieing, however he has lost much blood and is badly wounded…

Will Dash live through his injuries?
Who was the Sith and why did he bubble and melt after dieing?
What power hit Avery and what are its consequences?
Who and what else is on board this mysterious ship?
Will they be able to find and recover the force artifacts?
Will anyone learn that fulminar can fly and so you need to aim up when trying to hit Arani?




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