Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 5 - The Swok and the Buothi

Avery, and Thorn sought help to save their comrade Dash. The encountered the Swok, a group of furred aliens with sharp teeth, who offered their aide. Unfortunately, Dash was to be the main course in a feast prepared for our heroes. While his leg was cooked up, the rest of the party managed to subjugate the entire village through force. While negotiating, Thorn assassinated the chief of the village after Dash asked him to. Avery used her murrbil Ris to keep Dash alive.

Journeying towards where they sensed the force artifact was, the come upon the Buothi, a tribe of horned red skinned humanoids. An old Buothi known as Doctor helped Dash recover and told them the history of their land. They then had a feast with Chief, the leader of the village, who explained how their society functioned.

Negotating for the force artifact Chief wore as a necklace, it was agreed that he would turn it over to them in exchange for access to the outside world (the rest of the ship), through the opening of doors. He also warned that a great Event was coming soon and so he couldn’t journey with them in search of more.

Leaving the village, the group found the second main door into this part of the ship lead to no atmosphere. Moving on, the group found a smaller human sized access door, which Dash was able to open. A long hallway stretched out before the travellers, and they said their farewells to the Buothi and continued their hunt for the force artifacts and a way to stop the ship from entering a Void of the ancients.

What will our heroes find down the hallway?
What of the other Sith forces aboard the ship?
Will they be able to stop the ship from entering a Void from which no one has ever returned?
And why didn’t anyone try that delicious Dash Pollard Leg soup?!




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