Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 6 - Dead Sith and Thermal Detonators

After coming across Gran Murkmire’s audi log and dealing with a sith alchemied cleaning droid, the group continued to explore the mysterious ship.

Heading in the opposite direction from before, they came across a pair of sith working to disable a shield that protected a force artifact. Fighting broke out before negotiations could continue, and soon Dash was held hostage!

As negotiations continued, it was agreed that the Sith would release Dash in exchange for being allowed to leave. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but just as Dash was to be freed, the echani must of sensed something wrong and tried to free himself. He was rewarded with a lightsaber to the neck. His last words were, ‘I regret…everything’.

After the fight was over one sith slicer was held captive and Thorn took it upon himself to take the deceased belongings.

Obtaining the force artifact, which connected to the other piece they had gathered earlier, the group journeyed to the locked elevator. After channeling force into the artifact and sliding it into its keyhole, the elevator activated, granting them full access to the ship.

Deciding that going into the Void was a worse case scenario, the group headed to Engineering – Engine Room, where they encountered a Trandoshan in apparent hibernation or stasis on the ground. After multiple attempts, the Trandoshan finally awakened. He shook the dust off his body and informed the group he’d been sent by Aza to gather force artifacts. He also seemed to know everyone’s names…

With the help of the sith slicer, they managed to disable the engines. This stopped the propulsion of the ship, however, they still only had two more days before it’d enter the Void…

Avery and Thorn headed to the Medical Rooms, where they paid their fees for medical treatment and encountered 21BFXGH7MEV. She offered to perform the surgery Avery needed in exchange for payment of her services. She also recognized B1 / Rust Bucket, and was surprised that he was an acting ambassador with the humans. After the operation, she went with them both to meet up with the others.

Discovering an armory location onboard the ship, the group headed their to gear up for what they feared was a fight against the Sith Lord Darth Nomai. Thorn, acting a bit impulsively, blew open a weapon storage locker which triggered alarms through the ship. Soon, Sith forces lead by Nomai and Darth Venator arrived.

Battle ensued, but ended abruptly when a thermal detonated atomized a large portion of the battlefield. This was untimely, as it went off just as Ginexia and a squad of Droideka Mark II’s showed up. Kressht was left badly wounded, the outer layer of his skin being atomized by the blast, while 80% of Ginexia’s body had been atmoized. All of her Droideka’s were destroyed as well, and the sith slicer was caught up in the blast.

21BFXGH7MEV went to help Ginexia, but was convinced to first help the near death Kressht, (after taking payment). Now that the sith threat is apparently over, the group thinks of what and where to go next…

Will Ginexia’s body be able to be restored?
What happened to Darth Venator when Thorn blasted him to death?
Why are Ginexia and 21BFXGH7MEV’s appearance different from other droids?
Will they be able to stop the ship before it travels into the Void?
What of Gran’s warnings about other forces?
What else will they find about the mysterious ship?




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