Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 1
There's No Air In Space

Thorn, Dash, Arani, and Avery traveled on a not so stable cargo transport heading for The Unnamed Station. Unfortunately, during the journey their transport was knocked out of hyperspace by a rodian pirate known as Nacond Cairnu!

After a series of mishaps, Nacond made off with cargo on the transport that wasn’t listed in the manifest. While attempting to stop his escape, lightsabers created a hull breach aboard the transport, nearly killing everyone on board.

Now, Thorn, Dash, Arani, and Avery are trapped in a cargo hold. The transport his highly damaged and communications are non-functional.

Who was the force lightning throwing lightsaber wielding pirate Nacond Cairnu?
What was in the cargo container they stole from the transport?
How long will life support last?
What happened to the poor Ewok in his X-Wing doing battle against the Tie Fighter?
Will the adventurers be able to band together to find a solution to all their problems?


Cargo Container Contents:
26 metric tons of Industrial Parts
32 metric tons of Strategic Minerals
30 metric tons of Assorted Medical Supplies
28 metric tons of Datapads

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