Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 5 - The Swok and the Buothi

Avery, and Thorn sought help to save their comrade Dash. The encountered the Swok, a group of furred aliens with sharp teeth, who offered their aide. Unfortunately, Dash was to be the main course in a feast prepared for our heroes. While his leg was cooked up, the rest of the party managed to subjugate the entire village through force. While negotiating, Thorn assassinated the chief of the village after Dash asked him to. Avery used her murrbil Ris to keep Dash alive.

Journeying towards where they sensed the force artifact was, the come upon the Buothi, a tribe of horned red skinned humanoids. An old Buothi known as Doctor helped Dash recover and told them the history of their land. They then had a feast with Chief, the leader of the village, who explained how their society functioned.

Negotating for the force artifact Chief wore as a necklace, it was agreed that he would turn it over to them in exchange for access to the outside world (the rest of the ship), through the opening of doors. He also warned that a great Event was coming soon and so he couldn’t journey with them in search of more.

Leaving the village, the group found the second main door into this part of the ship lead to no atmosphere. Moving on, the group found a smaller human sized access door, which Dash was able to open. A long hallway stretched out before the travellers, and they said their farewells to the Buothi and continued their hunt for the force artifacts and a way to stop the ship from entering a Void of the ancients.

What will our heroes find down the hallway?
What of the other Sith forces aboard the ship?
Will they be able to stop the ship from entering a Void from which no one has ever returned?
And why didn’t anyone try that delicious Dash Pollard Leg soup?!


Session 4
Mystery Ship & Missing Leg

Dash, Avery, Arani, and Thorn sent a communication to the mysterious ship headed for a Void rift. Claining to be scavangers looking for profit, a voice told them they weren’t welcome aboard and they should go away. Ignoring the request, the group found an empty docking bay that was exposed to space and landed.

After Dash got the door open and Avery and Thorn found a Sith insignia on a dead body, they headed in further to explore the ship and find the force artifacts aboard.

The interior of the ship was damaged, though it was unclear what had caused the damage. It could be anything from fire, to hull integrity compromise from a battle, to a giant blast and lightsaber battle. While exploring, they came across a droid that had been transformed and was stuck in the floor, large horns growing out of its frame. The droid wanted to die, and so Rust Bucket obliged and blew it away.

Eventually they came across a giant room holding crates full of dirt, seeds, and manure, along with a massive door. Dash went to work trying to break through the door while Avery set up a barricade, which turned out to be a good idea because just minutes before Dash got the door open, a sith and his forces showed up!

A battle ensued against sith, man, and beast! During the battle Avery was hit by an unknown dark side power, possibly damaging her in more ways than just physical, while Dash lost his leg to the sith’s mount!

With their foes defeated, Thorn tried his hand at medicine and managed to stop Dash from dieing, however he has lost much blood and is badly wounded…

Will Dash live through his injuries?
Who was the Sith and why did he bubble and melt after dieing?
What power hit Avery and what are its consequences?
Who and what else is on board this mysterious ship?
Will they be able to find and recover the force artifacts?
Will anyone learn that fulminar can fly and so you need to aim up when trying to hit Arani?


Session 2 and 3
Jedi Councils & Demanding Droids

Dash, Avery, Thorn, and Arani competed against one another in a song and dance competition on Drum and Beat’s ship to try and decide what should happen to the presumed Sith and his ship. Dash pulled off a close victory by impressing the two holonet sensations and so it was decided to board the ship and destroy those aboard.

After a scuffle between a presumed Sith named Nacond Cairnu and dark force users, the group emerged triumphant. Inspecting the cargo crate that was stolen from the Action VI Transport, they found a Cyb, a deadly race created by the ancient Dia’Ven. Knowing that such a creature could bring a plague to the galaxy, they decided to leave it alone.

After some debate on what to do, it was decided to send the ship into the nearest star to dispose of the Cyb safely. No answers as to how it got out of its quarantined area were found.

Once it was on its journey, a course was set for The Unnamed Station. The group arrived without incident this time, and found they’d been summoned to the War Room where the Jedi Council and the Alliance of Free Worlds were meeting.

After some brief introductions, and a lot of arguing among Riiga and and the others about how best to proceed with the war against the Sith, a black B1 Battle Droid waltzed into the War Room, completely armed. After some awkward negotiations, it was decided that the party would travel with the droid in search of a mysterious ship where the droids ambassador and leader had disappeared to.

Furthermore, the droid, nicknamed by Thorn as Rust Bucket, said he was in search of artifacts left by the god of droids Ginix in order to save his homeworld Droid. Because of a message from Aza indicating that the group could be trusted, Grand Admiral Rebelrouser gave them his consent, much to the annoyance of Riiga who seems to not trust Aza.

After some wheeling and dealing, the party managed to secure a Ghtroc Industry Class 720 Freighter. The group geared up and got on board, accompanied by Rust Bucket and headed for the last known location of the mysterious ship, which was dangerously close to a void scar left over from the War of the Ancients. Finding wreckage of a droid and one other unknown ship, our group heads closer to the mysterious ship which journey’s ever close to the void…

Will the group be able to find out what’s on board the ship?
Is Rust Bucket really seeking artifacts and his lost leader or does he have another hidden motive?
What artifacts of the ancients are onboard?
What will happen in the war against the Sith?
Will Thorn ever learn to make friends?


Session 1
There's No Air In Space

Thorn, Dash, Arani, and Avery traveled on a not so stable cargo transport heading for The Unnamed Station. Unfortunately, during the journey their transport was knocked out of hyperspace by a rodian pirate known as Nacond Cairnu!

After a series of mishaps, Nacond made off with cargo on the transport that wasn’t listed in the manifest. While attempting to stop his escape, lightsabers created a hull breach aboard the transport, nearly killing everyone on board.

Now, Thorn, Dash, Arani, and Avery are trapped in a cargo hold. The transport his highly damaged and communications are non-functional.

Who was the force lightning throwing lightsaber wielding pirate Nacond Cairnu?
What was in the cargo container they stole from the transport?
How long will life support last?
What happened to the poor Ewok in his X-Wing doing battle against the Tie Fighter?
Will the adventurers be able to band together to find a solution to all their problems?


Cargo Container Contents:
26 metric tons of Industrial Parts
32 metric tons of Strategic Minerals
30 metric tons of Assorted Medical Supplies
28 metric tons of Datapads

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