Aza is a jedi knight that currently travels the galaxy searching for force artifacts. She has been with the jedi for hundreds of years and has repeatedly refused the offer of promotion in the Jedi Order, believing that she isn’t worthy of becoming anything more than a knight. She’s well known for her adaptability in combat and wisdom about the galaxy at large, for she is very, very old. However, she looks to be in her late teens.

Aza looks to be in her late teens with blonde hair that has black and red veins running through it, a taint from her time spent wielding the dark side of the force. She often wears a custom fit red armor bodysuit and wields a yellow lightsaber.


Hundrers of years ago Aza was born along with her brother Charis and her sister Nami. Triplets, the three were inseparable from birth and had a natural affinity with the Force. The galaxy was harsh on them however, and Nami was seduced by the dark side of the force through the workings of Emperor Palpatine. She eventually was killed and Aza and Charis were left without their third half.

The dark side took Aza when Charis was killed fighting for what he believed in, the light side of the Force. She went on a quest to bring him back to life, determined to do whatever it took, light side or dark, to get what she wanted. Acquiring the orb of the ancient Shirillen that held the power of healing and regeneration, Aza sought out an ancient machine to bring her brother back to life, but was deafeted by Karis, Hewia, and Sensoo, who instead used the machine to grant every living being the potential to wield the force.

Eventually, Aza fought alongside Hope to find a new way to bring her brother back from the dead. She failed, but Charis was still resurrected through a machine that let his force spirit bind with that of the power of the ancient Lalorialen.

Realizing her folly, Aza turned from the dark side fully and started a path of repentance. She follows her brothers teachings and worked with the Jedi Order to bring about true peace in the galaxy. During the War of the Ancients, Aza fought against Sith and ancient alike. A deadly force on the battlefield, her prowess could always help to turn the tide in the light sides favor. Her long contact and use of the ancients orb has rendered her ageless and granted her rapid healing abilities.


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