Gran Murkmire

Not much is known about Gran. He was found dead on the mysterious ship, locked inside of a room hiding from Sith forces. He was killed while trying to repair a droid that had malfunctioned. Below is the audio recording he left before passing into the force.

I’m trapped. And I’m dying.

I’ve been hoping to escape for as long as I can remember. Now…well…I tried fixing that droid, must of short circuited it, rammed me against the wall. Internal bleeding for sure. I’ll be dead soon. FIgured I might as well try to apss on what I’ve learned.

Whoever gets this, if you could send it to Big P communication 013.5406 ahh…
Big P, I;m sorry I failed to recover the force artificats. This ship…this ship is weird. Some kind of experiment or something going on with the two things in this habitat. Form what I can tell they got picked up from dying worlds. however got them was trying to save them but the droid her broke down, the food supplu ran out and one of them started eating their own kind.

I dunno, thought if I could fix the droid, open the door, maybe hlep these people. Now I’m going to die so what good did that do? Big P always said helping yourself first is more important than helping others. Guess he was right all along.
Sorry Big P, I failed. Explored the ship as much as I could, could not gain access the the elevator because it required some kind of key. I tried slicing it but no good…

Found this tribe setup, but on the other end found some kind of shield protecting a force artifact. Looked like a piece, part of what might fit in the elevator. Couldn’t get at it…

Sensors went off while i was exploring this side of the ship. Some unknown ship came in, bunch of droids and a few…well, not sure…came onboard. They accessed the elevator no problem. Figures. Checked it out but the elevator was still locked. Then Sith forces showed up. That’s when I decided to hide.

Uhh, recognized a few of the Sith, One of them Naomi, the other was uh, Venator, and then Bunch of other mooks as far as I could tell. Couple droids. Then afterwards a few more sith came out, looked like they were a separate force? Not sure. Dashara Dinniz was leading them, I think? Couldn’t be sure. What’s she doing here? Your guess is as good as mine…cough…I didn’t think she was interested in force artifacts? Maybe she thinks one of them can lead to her goal, but I doubt it. Sigh… Well, I knew they’d kill me if they found me here since they’r eprobably looking for the force artifacts on board, or maybe hoping to take control of the ship itself. It’s probably what the droids want too…

Anyway Big P, found my way here, locked myself in. Unfotunately, after their search I found out I couldn’t get out,. Luckily there’s food in here, but yeah…I’;m dying vecause of that stupid droid. Stupid droid, stupid me trying to fix other peoples problems.

Anyway, sorry I failed, but uh…let the other bossess know that I tried my best…and I’d be real happy if you could relieve my family of their debt…hopefully this information will help with that. If this ship appears, my only advice is to run. If it doesn’t, then either the droids or the sith have the artifacts we need.
Oh yeah…make sure Salani and her Seekers never get their hands on this ship…pretty sure it can go into the void…not sure if people can survive or not, but…better to be…Coughcough

Well, my time is up…visions going dark…getting hard…cough..hard to breathe…I… that you…Mareen? I…everyone..I…I’m so…cough..sorry…I…I want to make up for what I did to you…I…cough…I want to….fix things…please…I…I don’t…I don’t want to die here alone…

Gran Murkmire

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