The Dark Side

The Dark Side of the force is a powerful ally, but always demands more and more of its wielder as time goes on, eventually consuming them completely.

When you do something that is evil, such as using a force power to murder a helpless opponent, or one designed just to inflict damage with your hate, the dark side begins to corrupt you.

At first this has no effect, and the power of the dark side destroys those before you. As time goes on however, and you continue to use its power, it begins to consume you. The abilities not designed for usage with the dark side start becoming harder to accomplish as the dark side attempts to close you off from them and give yourself over fully. Eventually, even your power over the dark side can begin to diminish, unless certain steps are taken.

There are a few ways to get ride of the dark side taint that corrupts your use of the force.

  • Swear off the force entirely for a time, not calling upon its power even when it is most needed. During this time, you must meditate on the peaceful nature of the force and life itself whenever possible, and try to follow the kinder ways of life, helping your follow man (or alien) and so on. This is a long process and not easily done.
  • Allow the dark side to consume a piece of you. Doing so will corrupt a part of your body and disfigure you there, but free you of some of the hold it has over your use of the force. The disfigurement varies depending on how consumed by the dark side you are already, ranging from visible black veins running through your body, to appendages withering down and becoming less functional.

The Dark Side

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