The Unnamed Station

No one is sure why the station is called what it is, but legend has it that those who built the place wanted to make sure that any and all were welcome there, and so refused to give it a name.

The space station consists of multiple spaceships that have been fused together. One single super star destroyer makes up the middle of the station and also provides the thrust needed to travel and at times, go into hyperspace. However, the station hasn’t moved for nearly fifty years to try and make it a stable place of trade.

The Alliance of Free Worlds has based their headquarters here, promising safety for all visitors who wish to trade or join up with the AOFW or the Jedi Order. It is one of the last remaining safe places left in the galaxy and as such has a lot of vagrants and homeless people wandering its many levels.

It is also home to a Jedi Academy, which inhabits the lower section of the station. The Jedi council often works hand in hand with the AOFW council on the station.

The Unnamed Station

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