Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 7 - Decisive Illusions

After some squirming around by Thorn and some duel force using of a R2 unit, the group managed to get ahold of another elevator that was functioning. Kressht received medical aid from 21BFXGH7MEV, though he was charged accordingly.

Heading to the Central Control Room, the group found ASP19B1ELITE, E19S19DP2G2GD16ECH, a Droideka MK2 and three battle droids waiting for them. After some tense words, they agreed to work together.

ECH was working on the central command console, attempting to get the engines back online so they could change the mysterious ships course. After Kressht took a look as well, it was found the prior engine section the group had shutdown would have to be brought back online.

Two ancient force artifacts were detected in this area, one being a half gold like object that was wired into the mysterious ship, and the other supposedly powering the ship itself.

Thorn and Kressht headed down with ECH to conduct repairs on the engine room. After arriving they were set upon by a cloaked figure who, after bringing five more like him into the room, demanded they leave.

Gathering reinforcements from the bridge, the entire group along with ELITE and ECH returned to confront the foe. Arani folded space with Thorn, who threw a grenade at the lone figure that refused to allow them safe passage out of the elevator. The resulting explosion left the figure unharmed and on fire, while the power relay behind him was damaged.

Some more shots fired exposed the figure as an illusion, and the group, minus ECH, ELITE, and the R2 unit, went to hunt down their enemy.

After a long series of hide and seek, the group came upon their enemy, a dark side corrupted entity that resemebled less of a man and more of a spider. They dispatched their foe after taking minimal damages, though the creature acted as if he had achieved his goal by delaying them.

Kressht stayed behind to help try and bypass the damaged power relay and get the engines back online. A task made harder because someone had run a lightsaber through the wires and ciruits underneath the main console.

Arani, Avery, and Thorn headed back up to the bridge where they examined the gold colored artifact. After some quiet words, they headed down to see how MEV and Genixa were doing, and to have Arani’s wound looked at.

MEV informed them that in order to have a chance of saving Ginexia, they’d need that artifact that was wired into the command console. Arani and Avery left MEV know they had the other half, more or less, and the droid said that if they had it whole, Ginexia’s recovery was almost guaranteed and that she’d owe them quite a lot.

The three of them got back into the elevator, where Arani and Avery seemed determined not to let the artifacts fall into droid hands, while Thorn explained that their original mission was to help the droids in this situation, not sabotage their efforts.

After a lot of debate, the group fell silent as the elevator traveled through the mysterious ship towards the central command room…

  • Will the group decide to let the droids keep their artifact(s) and allow MEV to put it in Ginexia?
  • Was the dark side corrupted monster telling the truth about buying enough time for the Seekers of Truth?
  • With only a full day and some change left, can the engines be brought back online before the mysterious ship enters the void?
  • What will happen if the artifact is removed from the command console?
  • If he’s telling the truth, how did Kressht supposedly survive his last trip through the void?
  • What other mysterious lay aboard this great ship?




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