Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 8 - We Got Death Star

Reaching the bridge, Arani, Avery, and Thron explained to B1 about needing the artifact for Ginexia. The droid took the artifact from the central command console and brought it down to the medical bay.

21BFXGH7MEV explained she needed both halves of the artifact to be sure that Ginexia would recover from the horrific damage she’d received. Reluctanly, Avery handed it over.

Linking the artifact to the remains of Ginexia, force power surged around the droid as her body reassembled itself. While her armor was formed during this surge, her weapons didn’t return.

While alive, she still seemed to be malfunctioning from her prior damage, or it may be the force artifact inside of her causing the issues. Whatever the case, it was decided that stopping the ship from entering the Void was top priority.

Having restored power to the main engine room, Kressht and E19S19DP2G2GD16ECH headed back to the central command console.

A debate about who would control the Mysterious Ship between the droids and Avery, Arani, and Thorn had commenced, leaving it more or less up in the air.

After the central command console was reassembled, Ginexia plugged herself in, only to start screaming and convulsing. Acting quickly, Avery and Arani investigated the ancient power artifact located beneath the floor. Acting more on hope than knowledge, the two ripped the artifact from the ship, which suffered a massive power failure, but stopped whatever was happeningto Ginexia.

The ship however was sturdier than believed, and power came back on its own without the aide of the artifact, however, it was operating far below normal efficiency. A section of the Weapons Relay room was to blame.

After more debating, it was agreed to allow the group to take the power artifact for safe keeping, likely because Ginexia and MEV were grateful they’ handed over the artifact to save Ginexia’s life.

Heading down to the Weapons Relay, the group came across a force user who folded space to escape them. He’d left behind a trap to murder them as they came through the main doorway. After some searching, it was determined the foe had gone beyond their senses and they should continue on their course to the Weapons Relay room.

With Thorn scouting ahead, the group discovered a Death Star plugged into the inside of one of the main Weapon Relay chambers. This is what was needed to restore full power to the Mysterious Ship.

Finding the Death Star locked and wanting to keep it intact, they asked E19S19DP2G2GD16ECH to come help them get through the doors. Well on the way, a message was relayed to the group from the central command station. One informed Kressht of his massive debt, while the other was from Grand Duke Vekis Meraska, who knew of Gran Murkmire. He offered the group riches in fortune in exchange for their ship, but no agreement could be struck.

Kressht and the droid managed to open the first door, only to find a large squad of Sith Training Droids guarding the interior.

After being asked multiple times, ASP19B1ELITE sadly ordered the droids to stand down rather than fight them. The inside of the Death Star was one massive tomb. Dead bodies lay about, decaying for decades or longer…

Making their way to the power generator room, the group encountered a man encased in carbonite. Freeing him, he said his name was Anakin Skywalker and that he was grateful for their help. It seemed he’d been trapped in the carbonite fo more than a hundred years…

Helping the group get the power to the Death Star back online, Anakin then told them they should go and wake up his father Sheev.

Eager to be on his way, Anakin headed towards the nearest lift, the rest of the party following.

  • Who is this strange force user who claims to want to help them?
  • What was the mysterious foe that tried to kill them on their way in?
  • Is Venator still lurking in the shadows waiting to strike the party yet again?
  • Is Sheev here to help or hinder the group, and what are his plans?
  • What of Grand Duke Vekis Meraska?
  • What of the Seekers that are supposedly even now on board the Mysterious Ship?
  • Will they be able to stop the ship from entering the Void?




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