Star Wars Episode XVI - Paths of Chaos

Session 9 - Big Bada Boom

After receiving word from 21BFXGH7MEV that the Seekers ship had landed, the group convinced Anakin Skywalker to leave his farther Sheev for now and head to deal with the imminent threat.

The group dropped off E19S19DP2G2GD16ECH and one of the artifact of the ancients, informing everyone not to touch it lest it bond with them or the ship. They then headed down to the docking bay where the Seeker ship had docked.

Scouting ahead, Thorn and Kressht took out two guards silently before calling the others up to their position. A brief survey of the area left no easy way in, so Kressht decided to take a garbage shoot and work his way back up into the docking bay to spy out the territory.

Meanwhile, the group explored other bays, finding a cloaked ship in one, likely belong to The Gamlord Society. Pretending not to notice in hopes of gaining information, they set a comlink up near the door so the sound of it opening would be transmitted across their comlinks.

Kressht built a ladder of garbage and got himself up through the shoot, allowing the group to make a plan of action to take out the Seekers of TRUTH that were stationed there.

The ambush commenced, leaving the Seekers dead and some of the group a little bruised, but success was had. However, the inside of the ship was full of a dark penetrating force, and so it was decided to blow the ship up from the outside rather than risk the darkness.

Meanwhile, the sound of the other door opening and closing came over the comlink. Thorn and Kressht stayed behind to work on explosives while Avery, Arani, ELITE, and Anakin went to check on it. Grand Duke Vekis Meraska reached them on their comlinks, congratulating them on being able to find his ship, cloaked as it was.

He informed the group that his own people were exploring the Mysterious Ship now, and in fact he knew of the other forces as well. A few Seekers were still at large in the Gigadrive engineering section, likely trying to active it and get into the Void despite the ships course correction. There’s a large force in the Weapons Relay area that seems capable of Folding Space.

After the exchange of information, Anakin demanded they go and check on his father, worried that the forces in the Weapons Relay area may be aboard the Death Star. Avery and Arani tried to convince Anakin that they needed to wait until the others had finished their job with the explosives, but Anakin would not be deterred.

After denying him three times and walking away, Anakin pulled out his lightsaber and attacked Avery. Unable to perceive where he would strike, her leg was cut off before she could truly defend herself. Arani began force choking the enraged so-called Jedi, but couldn’t do enough to slow him down as he ripped Avery’s pack from her back.

Taking the pack, which held the elevator key, he walked away. ELITE, wanting to help, surged her way into Anakin, knocking the pack from his grip, partly in thanks to Arani force gripping him as a distraction, and the two flew into the elevator. Working quickly, ELITE jammed her lightsaber into the elevator door controls, as Anakin screamed in rage and channeled force lightning through the droids body. The door closed to ELITE’s screams of pain…

Grand Duke Vekis Meraska appeared out of nowhere, and told Avery everything was going to be all right. Meanwhile…

Kressht and Thorn had finished setting a timer on their explosives. As they ran, one of the spider deformed Seekers intercepted them. A vicious battle was had, during which Kressht was deeply wounded from Force Rending, but they managed to defeat the evil creature.

Dragging Kressht’s body as time ticked away, Thorn called for Arani’s help, who Folded Space twice to get to them and then Folded Space out of the docking bay just as the explosion went off. Decompression occured and the three were forced to take shelter in the docking bay that held the cloaked Gamlord Society ship.

  • What has happened to ELITE and Anakin inside the elevator?
  • With Avery’s leg chopped off, will her Striking Looks be enough to get the Grand Duke to help her?
  • Was the Seeker ship destroyed by the explosion?
  • What of the other Seeker forces trying to use the Gigadrive?
  • What of Sheev Palpatine and the other forces aboard the Death Star?
  • Where are the droids in Central Command taking the Mysterious Ship?




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