Name: Avery
Age: Looks around 19
Hgt: 5’7"
Hair: Brown, golden highlights
Eyes: Bright green
Markings: Facial/birthmark (upside down triangular markings)
Species: Humanoid (?)

Avery possesses a yellow lightsaber, built by embarking on her own force-guided journey to find crystals. Perhaps there’s more to the weapon, but she hasn’t shown that yet.

Session 1 (Date: 5/24/15)
This datapad record stands as a chronicle for Avery T., if found please return to the following coordinates on planet (insert emergency contact location) and leave in the marked A container.

“As it stands, I am unsure if I will be able to return. It is rather grim, and in my hastening I endangered the lives of others. Perhaps I will be able to make up for this mistake by fixing the hull. I am currently waiting for Ris to cut into the cargo hold, I’m glad that I worked with him on not eating wires, as I’d rather avoid damaging systems more. Lightsabers tend to not be that delicate. Though my new companions on this small ship were rather hasty, I had negotiated a peaceful board for the assault ship, despite their captain clearly being taken in by the dark side. His crew had already been placed on this ship, so they knew what it would be carrying and exactly what they needed. Just one box was taken, a mystery to look into…. However, they are ruthless – they murdered 2 innocent travelers within the first moments of their attack. None of these happenings matter at this moment, each minute our air is being pulled into space and life support systems may not last much longer. I am going to meditate in the force – perhaps an answer can be found to temporarily seal the breach in the hull. If not, there is no death. Only the force. Please father, if you receive this datapad, know that I still believe there is hope and peace to be found for you – but only if you turn away from the darkness. Look to the force and it will provide you with guidance. Know that I did care for you. – Avery "
Session 2 (Date: 6/6/2015)
“Well. That was rather dramatic, now that I read back upon my own words. However, in that situation it seemed rather fitting. Even with all of our efforts to fix the ship, it came down to Arani’s ability to contact other Fulminar through the force. Interesting. I know that they have a rather harsh reputation throughout the galaxy, but I suppose I’ll always feel… kin… kind towards them. So long has this galaxy been at war, I daresay that most have lost the taste for peace. It’s become so ruthless, with many of my new companions acting rather aggressively. Few of them seem to respect the sanctity of life or the Jedi code. However, it seems as though there is one common enemy we can all fear – besides the dark side, this new breed of human/droid called the Sibs. With what I’ve heard, and seen, they are feared rightly so. Why would someone want to smuggle such a dangerous life form into the galaxy? Well, perhaps they think they will have some immunity, or the are guided more by credits than reason.
I feel as though I should journey at some point to Corisanlia – that Jedi force spirit we spoke with seemed to… well, know, or sense something in me. Could it be what I know of myself, or something I haven’t yet found out? Either way, finding the Jedi Council and seeking their wisdom and tutelage should still be my main goal. Though I rather think I will only travel on ships better maintained, nearly blowing up and having to crawl into that… tiny… tiny… space. Never. And view ports. Ships with viewports. – Avery "

Session 3 (6/27/15)
“I was not expecting the Jedi council to have masters that are so… angry. Is that not a Sith way of thinking? Displaying anger in such an outward fashion? Perhaps it is best that we accomplish a larger goal like this artifact rescue attempt before I finally bring my presence to the council. I must admit, I feel rather conflicted about the members I’ve met so far. If only I could get Aza to respond to my signal… perhaps she would consent to be my teacher and master? It seems as though she had some intuition into our futures by leaving such a cryptic message about staying together. It seems like a simple task – stay together. But when you have individuals who think nothing of shooting a fleeing enemy who is unarmed? I can only hope that the light side will prevail…. Aza… would not have… no, she would of course have our best interest in mind. I hope that perhaps the purchase of a ship may aid us in our search for these artifacts, if they really are of the ancients we cannot allow them to fall into Sith hands. They must be retrieved for the light side. Whether that is the Jedi council or not, I hope that through meditation I can find the answer. There’s of course, one in particular that I feel compelled to find…. – Avery "
Session 4 (Unknown Date)
“A ship traveling to the void. What could it possibly be doing? Besides it’s destination, the sheer enormity of the vessel is strange… so many mysteries. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get a straight answer from anyone. Secrets seem so prevalent that it’s second nature, though I am hardly one to criticize… My secrets are at least not of my own making. I wonder if perhaps some of the other circumstances that call for keeping such things hidden is necessary? Perhaps these questions I can present and ponder with a Jedi Master if I ever find one to teach me. I’ve found a piece of one of the ancient artifacts at least, it was hidden near a corpse… While Arani herself seems to be suffering from the same secret keeping plague as I am, at least she is a close ally in obtaining these items. I can sense there are many on this ship but they are broken into pieces. Why? Did the Ancients do this or are others scattering them around? And why can I sense so many on this ship? Let alone why can B-1 sense them AT ALL? I feel as though all I do is continue to find new questions, new mysteries, no answers. We’re currently in a room that’s full of crates while Dash is attempting to break down a door. An attack must happen – there must be others on this ship who know we have boarded, so I’ve created at least a small barrier to assist tactically. The crates are full of dirt, food, life essentials.. Why would they need this where ever they are going? Perhaps this ship is a colony ship that is going to new worlds yet undiscovered and mapped beyond the void? Either way at least one piece of an artifact has been found and this log is digitally linked to the original data pad source. If something happens to me, dad, I wanted you at least to know. Your appreciation of knowledge is a quality to be admired, I just wish it had some boundaries. Ahh, wait, I think I hear the door opening…. to be continued. – Avery”
Session 5 (Date Unknown)
“I’ve not had any time to chronicle the events of this last day until now, though it alone would have enough material to write nearly endlessly. An attack did happen – Sith masters, soldiers, Sith hounds, and a huge creature that I’ve never encountered before. Ha. Seems strange to think that I hadn’t learned of all the strange creatures, considering my father. I can laugh a little looking back at it. While I may have taken on a Sith Master in a one on one fight and won, it did not leave me without injury. Some power he used on me has created these pustules of dark energy on my back shoulder blades, I cannot begin to know what they are but they must be stopped soon. Unfortunately, in the same fight Dash was gravely injured. He was dying and missing a leg, so we rushed through the door to attempt to find a medical room or some assistance somewhere. Well, now it makes sense why this ship is so large. There’s an entire forest on it in just this room alone! What other habitats could be contained on here? Of course the why matters more, but we had little time to ponder… Aza told me, us, to stay together… that we need each other. We encountered a small Ewok-like race, language barriers and culture aside, it seems as though they are quite savage and primitive. We hoped the ritual they spoke of was a healing one and their attempt to cook our friend, how gloriously naive. I finally convinced one to tell me exactly what was happening to Dash, which spurred on the chaos. Thankfully my companions mostly listened to me and stunned our attackers…. Ris, I’m sorry my friend. He was near death and you know how much I hate to injure you. Thank you though. I cannot stand to injure you, you and ChaCha have been constant companions and friends to me for as long as I can remember. Thankfully it saved Dash and we encountered another group in the forest. They seem civilized enough, some even possessing The Force. I am glad cooler heads prevailed and we went into their village peacefully and with candor, as the chief has allowed me to take another piece of a Force artifact. It seems as though there is a great event coming in 2 days, which I assume actually is the venture into the void.. so we must stop this ship. I’m working on translating the texts they have speaking of this prophecy and how they will be saved from the destruction, but none seem to be helping. We must head through an access door out of this area to try to stop the ship, and hopefully find a med bay for Dash and myself. Is this the life of a Jedi? Rest is a rare commodity it seems… – Avery "
Session 6 (Date Unknown)
“Thermal detonators…. wow, has there ever been an invention that could end so much life so instantly? I just have a few moments here while we patch up to send you a note, Father. Unfortunately, while we were able to save Dash from his previous injury, in a negotiation with some Sith we encountered, one of them sliced into his neck with a lightsaber… Aza, I’m sorry if we failed you. I know you said to stay together, and I tried. He is with the force now. We were able to get the other half of the elevator key that was under a shield with the help of his Sith companion. He seems young and angry, but hopefully if we protect him and grant mercy we might be able to help him see the light. Once we had access to the elevator, I was able to go visit the med bay. The ship…. the ship itself is a force artifact. I have a feeling that it might be hers, Father. She did always like to experiment. The med bay was never used, but it seems like it’s set up to be a working system that can support and sustain many many lives. While the medical droids stationed there didn’t seem very helpful, we were lucky enough to encounter one named 21BF, and on and on, who helped remove whatever that Sith alchemist did to my back. She must be an amazing medical droid, since I was able to get up and move almost instantly after the surgery. After we healed up a bit, we encountered an engine room…. Krezt, sleeping away for who knows how long, covered in dust, but that’s not even the weirdest part. He is like a void of the force. I look at him and can feel nothing, and not just nothing as if he couldn’t use the force… gone… what could that possibly mean? He was sent by Aza so perhaps she knew that we’d need more assistance. If Thorn hadn’t have set off the alarm in the armory afterwards, we might have had a better chance at taking on the Sith who were trying to takeover this ship, they trapped us in the armory with so many forces. Arani’s ability to fold space thankfully was able to save Thorn’s life, who was cornered by the leader and her apprentice, Darth Nomai and Darth Venator. We thought he had died after infecting me, but apparently that black sludge he turns into allows him to resurrect. We’ll have to find the source of his power and remove it so that he won’t continue to pop up. One of the sith used a thermal detonator, blowing up so many of his own as well as the elevator where the droids were coming to perhaps aid us. We won’t know until we can get Ginixia to the med floor. Darth Nomai tried to have me surrender, I nearly did… she promised to allow my companions to live, but a sith does not speak the truth. I had to fight. Even if I died, I knew that it would not be the end – but I held her, and though she would not surrender, at least the mercy and hope to change was offered to her… – Avery "
Session 7 (10/4/15)
“I wasn’t sure how I’d feel upon finding it. I thought there would be some instant connection, like… here. This is it. This piece is what you’re looking for. Perhaps I expected too much, or you cannot easily feel the attachments unless the pieces are whole. Either way, I am glad to have it near me. I’m not sure what exactly these artifacts can be used for, or if they should even be used. What will happen if we allow an artifact that was made by Ginix be installed into a droid? I am concerned about what types of powers are attached to them, and especially if they are implanted into a being that has no connection to the force. What will happen? Will the artifact even function properly, or what powers will it bestow? It seems like Thorn is only concerned with doing his mission…. he is truly unconcerned with the artifacts. A real military man. What sort of peace can be bought with tactics like this? All peace comes through the light side, and if we do not rely upon the force… well, bringing these artifacts safely to the Jedi council and Aza may be harder than I anticipated. Everything seems to be. Now we have Seekers of the Truth to worry about, whoever those are… But I found it! I found it. – Avery "
Session 8 (Date Unknown)
“I’ve heard tales of Death Stars before, and I’ve seen just how huge this ship is from the outside… but how can it be possible that this is the weapons function? An entire, huge, Death Star? A ship built purely for destruction? This must not be used. There is little good that can come from the destruction of planets. But why did they set it up that it’s necessary for this weapon to function?
I’m weary of this trip. I’m weary of the intentions of the Droids, the Alliance of Free Worlds, even the Jedi council as they stand. How can the use of such a massive weapon be light at all? And why was such a strong force user encased in carbonite? None of it makes much sense. He’s so strong in the force but seems completely unconcerned with anything other than what he wishes. All I want is to protect the galaxy from darkness, perhaps he might be able to help with that?
At the very least, we know what the power source artifact is and were able to remove it, though I fear other Sith being able to sense it’s power and coming for it If only I could hide it. I’m just not strong enough yet. – Avery "
Session 9 (Date Unknown)
“I’ve never seen a ship that can cloak in that way, or any kind of cloaking technology like that… Even yours, dad. The Grand Duke does seem quite grand though, if he wasn’t so concerned with credits… well.,.. regardless, everything is chaos. This ship is something that cannot be controlled, or at least not the way we keep trying to . I hope that my warning to the Chief was taken seriously and that he can protect his people from the Sith forces. I wish I knew what to do. Anakin turned on us in a fit of rage and anger, what kind of Jedi acts that way? Although, what kind of Jedi is stored in a Death Star? He cannot be what he says he is, and that means his father cannot be either. I cannot believe that he would turn so quickly on us, Thorn and Krescht were in danger and just down the hall! I had to help. Anakin is so strong, I don’t see how ELITE can handle him.. and now the elevator is broken from the inside, he actually cut off my leg. I’m not sure if it’s shock that I’m feeling over the injury or shock from someone that I saved turning on us in anger. I need to make sure Chacha and Ris are safe, they cannot fall into the wrong hands and neither can this artifact. If I’m going to die here on this ship, I need to at least ensure that. " – Avery
Session 10 (Date Unknown.)
“I’m sorry, dad. I’m sorry, Chacha. I’m sorry… Ris. It is not an easy decision to sacrifice one for another, but I know that it was… I hope that it was, essential to saving this galaxy from the turmoil gripping it to pieces. I cannot dwell on the loss of my beloved Ris, there is so much to recount to you, father. MEV is a genius beyond compare and was able to reattach my leg and fix us up, and was working on helping ELITE. The Grand Duke saved me in another way by helping me hide from Anakin, though it required us to be rather close for a very long time. He is quite attrac… helpful. I never imagined that Anakin would be the son of a Sith Lord and betray us so fully as he has. When we denied their peace offers they decided to attack us in the central command. We were outnumbered, but held them back. Unfortunately, the Sith called Dashara stole the power artifact we were protecting for planet Droid. It was there that I had to sacrifice Ris… Kressht had fallen to the deadly Anakin, it was the only way to save him. You won’t believe that happened in the fight though, just as we were about to lose to Anakin, a talking Rancor folded space into the command center! He apparently knows Arani and he helped us trap Anakin… unfortunately his father had MEV and ELITE hostage and threatened their lives in exchange for Anakin. Now the Sith are attacking the Unnamed Space Station and this ship may be the key to saving it, I know you said to keep contact low but I may have to break that rule. – Avery.”
Session 11 (Date Unknown)
/Encryption Unlocked/
Holovid Play:
“I know that past transmissions have eluded to this perhaps being my last…
(Pause – Avery shown with a slight laugh to the side, then looking forward again)
….. But dad, this really may be the last. Rancor has a plan to heal the galaxy and the force by creating another machine, and I know he will need your help if I can’t do it. I know we disagree on many things, but I hope that you understand the living Force and how it must be preserved. No one should have as much power as the ancients… I don’t think any living person can really handle the responsibility and temptation that is involved in it, which is why the dark side is so powerful in the galaxy right now. So much of the force is living and so many people are tempted for power… for immortality… and corruption follows. I believe that you can help Rancor, that’s why you helped me train in the ways of the force, right? You sent me off with a lightsaber in hand for some reason, and perhaps it was just this. I have not yet learned to use the force to see, but I feel it. And I feel that this is a deciding point in our galaxy. Planets cannot be destroyed – the force lives in each one. People should not be slaves.. please, help Rancor if I cannot. I’m sending you the coordinates for this ship, though we are on route to Planet Droid right now. There’s something else… A Duke of the Gamlord Society. I’m not sure what he wants with the artifacts, but he’s saved me at one of my weakest moments, so I think you can trust him. I certainly am beginning to develop…. trust in him. (The holovid shows her hiding a grin.) If something does happen to me, let Aza know that I have the other piece of what she’s looking for. Thank you again Dad, please look out for the galaxy and may the force be with you.”
(Avery wipes away at a tear, but smiles as the holovid turns off.)
Session 12 (Date Unknown)
/Encrypted Message/
I have grown used to sending messages back home to my father, but he is here now… and my thoughts pull toward you. He is a complicated, brilliant man but I nevertheless worry as he seems to lack any limitation or concern for the things he does. I know that he’s spoken with you many times, and I assume there have been many plans made, but I want to trust that everything is being done to repair these terrible voids and in the light of the force.
This upcoming battle may be the hardest yet, even with our numbers. I wished that I could have saved Anakin from the darkness inside of him, but it is no longer an option. I know that we intended to speak privately after… but in case that is also no longer an option, I needed to thank you again. Thank you for saving me, thank you for watching over me, thank you for helping us save this galaxy, and thank you especially for igniting feelings that I never imagined would exist. When I saw you, hurt, in the middle of the Unnamed Space Station, my heart dropped. I realized then that I needed to share the secrets I am forced to keep because of my father with you, I do not want to go into this battle laden with worry. While he calls me his daughter, I am a creation of Jerund. He cloned me from the ancient Charis three years ago. I have no family other than my conflicted, complex creator, and the illusion of a connection to Charis’ real sister, Aza. I have no home, and was constantly moved from secret lab to secret lab. I don’t know if i can or should have children, or what intentions Jerund had with me…. he rarely divulges information. I don’t want to be that way, so I needed you to know. My purpose may be to fix these voids or die in this battle, but perhaps if that is not the case, my future may be with you…
/End Message/


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