Notable NPC's

Alliance of Free Worlds
Grand Admiral Rebelrouser – He fights to bring peace, but is surrounded by turmoil.
Eekeb – A captain who understands the nature of war.

Droid Forces
21BFXGH7MEV – She’ll repair you for the right price.
ASP19B1ELITE – Blind faith manifested.
E19S19DP2G2GD16ECH – Everything linked, nothing separate.
Ginexia – Leader of Droid, she seeks freedom for her people.
Rust Bucket – He seeks salvation for his race.

Empire Forces
Emperor Palpatine – The great leader of the now defunct Empire.
Anakin Skywalker – The son and apprentice of Palpatine.
Grand Admiral Thrawn – A dead leader of the old Empire.
Dashara Dinniz – She operates in the shadows to bring back the Emperor.

Fulminar Forces
Allasandria – Ageless Queen of Planet Corisanlia.
Daskar’Jinn – A retired ruler who lives in seclusion.
Lahsonaf’Jinn – She seeks to bring peace for her people.
Crash – A once great warrior now ruined from the War of the Ancients.
Drum – Of the two twins she’s the best looking.
Beat – Wrong, of the two twins she’s the best looking!
Nistakoraem – Pink…
Vahliuorieth – A kind force spirit who helps the Jedi.

Jedi Forces:
Aza – A fallen jedi on the path of repentance.
Riiga – He believes in strength tempered by wisdom.
Subda – A teacher at the Jedi Order on The Unnamed Station.
Noval – A quiet voice on the council.

Sith Forces
Erisi Notka – Proclaimed leader of the Sith.
Darth Nomai – The desire for advancement.
Darth Venator – The desire for strength.

Unaligned Forces:
Jerund Taloff – Greatest cloner in the galaxy.
Rancor – A self-aware, sentient, force using friend of the ancients.

GAMLORD Society Forces
Gran Murkmire – He died while trying to save others…
Grand Duke Vekis Meraska – Her longs for an end to conflict.
Queen Marab Gestahl – She hunts for peace in her soul.

Notable NPC's

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