A list posted to the galaxy by the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Remember to have a permit before taking on a bounty. Or don’t and see what happens.

Posted by The Jedi Order:
Erisi Notka – 50,000. Dead or Alive.
Any member of the Sith. 1,000. Alive.

Posted by The Sith:
Grand Admiral Rebelrouser – 100,000. Dead.
Riiga – 80,000. Dead.
Allasandria – 20,000. Dead.
Daskar’Jinn – 20,000. Dead.
Lahsonaf’Jinn – 20,000. Dead.
Aza – 200,000. Dead.
Any member of the AOFW council. 10,000. Dead.
Any member of the Jedi council. 10,000. Dead.
Any jedi. 1,000. Dead.

Posted by Unknown Source or Various Sources:
Emperor Palpatine 5,000. Alive.
Jerund Taloff – 20,000. Alive.
Information about planet Droid. 500-1000 depending on data.
Beat 5,000. Alive. Pay triple for Drum delivered as well.
Drum 5,000. Alive. Pay triple for Beat delivered as well.
Aza 200,000. Alive.
Information about the whereabouts of the ancients. 1,000-5,000.
Information on artifacts left by the ancients. 10,000-50,000.


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