Allasandria is the Queen of the fulminar on Planet Corisanlia. She rules with her husband Crash, although the king has never recovered from damage he took during the War of the Ancients.

Although her people follow a monarchy government, Allsandria keeps an advisor council and, at times, will allow them a time of ruling while she is busy dealing with galactic affairs.

Kind, gentle, and caring, Allsandria is one of the greatest doctor’s in the quadrant, and while she’s too busy ruling to provide care for everyone, she makes sure those on her planet and Space Station Corisnalia are well taken care of as far has health concerns go.

She’s currently negotiating with the Jedi to establish a small Academy and training outpost on Corisanlia while dealing with rebel fulminar left over from the division that was caused during the War of the Ancients.

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The daughter of Owen and Corisanlia, Allasandria followed after her father’s footsteps, learning medicine and doctoring, becoming one of the best Doctors in the galaxy. She eventually fell in love with Daskar’Jinn and Lahsonaf’s son Crash, who helped fight against the fulminar Mavick.

After Owen and Corisanlia made Planet Corisanlia she and the other Fulminar set up residence on the planet. She became ruler after Daskar’Jinn and Lahsonaf stepped down and has led the world to power and prosperity.

When the War of the Ancients occurred, Allasandria led a faction of her people against the other ancients. It was a dark time for the planet and its people, and without Trinity backing them they were hard pressed. When the war ended a great division formed among the fulminar, those that believed the war was right and those didn’t.

Through many talks, minor battles, and some death, Allsandria unifed the planet once more, though there are still pockets of rebel fulminar here and there that strike against the planet’s inhabitants and visitors, making it an unstable region of the galaxy.


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