Jerund Taloff

Jerund Taloff has been around for centuries. It’s believed he clones new bodies to inhabit, and yet he always looks like a partially bald white haired old man, with a cybernetic left eye, and wearing a black labcoat, so if this were true why wouldn’t he choose a younger body?

Jerund is hard to track down and is wanted by the Sith, multiple bounty hunters for various debt collectors, and the Jedi Order to keep him safe from the Sith. Operating out of hidden bases, laboratories, space stations, and backwater planets, Jerund is well known for cloning & genetic experimentation. His location is currently unknown, but there’s no end to the people who’ll pay to know his whereabouts.

In shape at 5’10", slightly balding with white hair, a black labcoat, cybernetic eye, and multiple tools hanging off of his belt.

Jerund Taloff is responsible for creating Tari’Nar (A mixed clone of Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker), Murrbils, the humanoid Fulminar race, Karis, Heiwa, and Sensoo, and likely many other undocumented species and people.

Most of his affiliations lie with the now defunct Empire, who paid him the most money for his work on Tari’Nar. Creating Allasandria’s children helped his galactic bank account swell, having easy access to the valuable material Mulinear. It’s uncertain when he spent all these credits and went into debt, but he’s been laying low ever since the War of the Ancients ended.

Jerund Taloff

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