Space Station Corisanlia

The greatest advances in medicine have come from Space Station Corisanlia where doctors will always take care of you. So generous are the good doctors that at times you won’t even be charged if you’re down and out on your luck.

Most doctors in the galaxy seeking to make a name for themselves will apply to work at Corisanlia station, and in fact there is quite a competition to get hired as staff there.

The station is also the only station to be 100% protected and policed by droids which means people can live at peace knowing they are protected 24/7.

The station orbits Planet Corisanlia and as such you’ll likely encounter a fulminar or two there. A small section of the station has been turned into a Trade Center, as planet Corisanlia is the only source of Mulinear for the galaxy.

Space Station Corisanlia

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