War of the Ancients

Over a hundred years ago a great war of the ancient gods of the force took place. Some of the ancients believe they should lay down their power and let the galaxy continue on its natural course. Others thought that they were caretakers of the galaxy and could use their power to help nurture it and grow it to a great peace.

Neither side could resolve this conflict, and so the War of the Ancients began. Great chaos and destruction raged across the galaxy during this time, bringing an end to the great powers that once ruled it.

At the end of the war, the ancients disappeared into parts unknown of the galaxy and were never heard from again, though rumors abound as to what became of their fate.

While it’s been over a hundred years, there are some who still hold a bitterness towards the ancients for the damage they caused. While others hold hatred towards those that sided with them. It is a great subject of turmoil and debate, and there are still some factions that fight over who was right and who was wrong.

Warring factions at the time were:

Laying down their powers to let the galaxy begin a natural course:
The Jedi Order
The Alliance of Free Worlds
The Myrmidons
The Droids
Few rogue factions

Using their powers to try and help the galaxy:
The Sith
The Fulminar (some, not all)
Many rogue factions

War of the Ancients

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